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Professor MacDonald Exposes Jewry's Cynical Strategy

by Martin Webster

I am not any kind of a scientist, but I deduce from Prof. MacDonald's writings that Jewry has evolved an evolutionary/'survival of the fittest' way of behaving and thinking whereby Jews are prone to undermine, belittle and deconstruct the cultures and values of the various civilisations in which, for the time being, they settle so that the indigenous or host community begin to lose confidence in their cultural co-ordinates and, indeed, lose their self-worth and leadership ability, all of which are vital ingredients in the survival of any human civilisation -- or indeed of any individual.

Working in tandem with this "Culture of Critique" is Jewry's long-noted propensity to promote among all varieties of non-Jews, but particularly White-European peoples, the concept of multi-racialism, cosmopolitanism and racial inter-breeding so that individual racial, national and cultural identities are lost in the resultant human stew, a process which can rightly be described as a form of genocide.

In contrast to this two-pronged strategy against all other peoples, the leaders of Jewry in both their secular and the religious postures impose a totally contrary regime on members of their own tribe. There is a constant cavalcade educational and propaganda events (mostly out of eye and earshot of non-Jews) to promote and exalt Jews, Jewishness, Jewish culture in all is forms and epochs, Jewish identity, identification with Israel, Jewish solidarity, etc., etc.

Coupled with this is the relentless pressure applied on every Jew, from his or her mother's breast onwards, through every cultural, educational, societal and political medium -- religious and secular -- never to "marry out" (marry a non-Jew). Jews tribal leaders freely describe racial inter-breeding involving Jews as an act of genocide, of "continuing the work of Hitler". When White-gentiles offer the same kind of remark, they are denounced as the worst kind of "racist".

The crucial role which Prof. MacDonald plays, as a courageous academic, is to provide the information which will awaken non-Jewish peoples, particularly the White-Europeans, from their media-induced trance and allow them to see that Jewish ideologies are encouraging them to behave in a self-destructive way -- in a way which is completely opposite to the way in which Jewry is mobilised and directed.

This Jewish strategy is deeply cynical; deeply cunning . Only a couple of months ago I heard Prof. Richard Dawkins address Jewish-organised meeting of some 900 people at which he discussed his ideas about Darwin's evolutionary concept with Richard Harding, the Zionist-Jewish editor of The Times.

In response to a question from me, Prof. Dawkins felt it necessary to describe the way in which the Jewish Lobby was able to mobilise the governments of the United States and of other "Western" nations to act in Israel's interests as "brilliant".

The learned professor did not want to bite the hand that was feeding him on that (and perhaps other) occasions. Let us hope that, as a Briton, he sees the behaviour of organised Jewry or Zionist-Jewry as "brilliant" in the context, say, of the master-criminal Dr. Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes' adventures, or Mayer Lansky in the post-WW2 American Cosa Nostra.

Let us hope that he is not allowing himself to be used by Jewish racial-supremicists to construct a 'tweak' of Darwin's theory -- designed to dove-tail with the Biblical "Chosen People" conceit -- whereby Jewish supremacy over the rest of Mankind is somehow validated, if only in the eyes of Jewry and its most fawning Shabbas Goyim, as a demonstration of the "Survival of the Fittest".

Let us hope he has enough feeling of affection for his own kind of people to wish them well and desire to see that they survive and thrive and shake off the malignant strategies of aliens wish them ill.

In Prof. Dawkins' case, we shall have to wait an see what kind of game he is playing. But in Prof. MacDonald's case, he is an open book, and the book preaches, justifies and provides strategies for the survival of our people.

Fra National Journal

Martin Webster, Editor (see also here)
Electronic Loose Cannon No. 28
Wednesday 16th December 2009
Published in tandem with the Electronic Watch on Zion
Postal address: c/o Mail Box ICR, 44 The Common, IP22 2QP, United Kingdom.

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