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Russian Leaders Respond to Global Anti-Gentile Hatred

Russians Demonstrate Intelligence and Understanding of the Jewish Animosity Directed Towards Non-Jews

By Mark Farrell

The prominent Russian online paper,, has released a story that has gotten the world itself riled up over Russia's paradigm. Apparently, numerous influential Russians have joined forces to protest Jewish supremacism.

As some Russian leaders were busy engaging in subservient activities by attending the 60th anniversary of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp's liberation in Poland, other Russians, who put their nations' interests ahead of global Jewish supremacy, signed a joint statement to protest the mass insanity that promotes global Jewish interests and its corresponding hatred. In a joint statement, literally hundreds of prominent Russian nationalists, including 19 members of Parliament, demanded that Russia's prosecutor take action to stop all Jewish organizations within Russia, which the unified Russians honestly described as "extremist."

Many honest people who have investigated the Jewish religion have concluded that it is vehemently anti-Gentile. In fact, it is more hateful than any other religion on the face of the earth-bar none. Upon close examination, most people would probably find that the both the Ku Klux Klan and the World Creativity Church's members are a bunch of Boy Scouts or choir boys compared to the beliefs of Jewish hatemongers.

For example, citing the prominent Jewish leader Simon ben Yohai, the Talmud's Jewish Oral Laws explicitly state, "The best among Gentiles deserves to be killed." It states that it is OK to overcharge a non-Jew (Gentile). There is an oath known as Kol Nidre that says it's OK to lie to Gentiles. Such statements are but the tip of the iceberg-or "goldberg," as some say.

When confronted with this, Jews typically lie and deny such exist, even though numerous statements found in an English version of the Talmud, translated by prominent rabbis--and the Jewish Encyclopedia--have consistently proven that these findings are indeed true and not an exaggeration or lies.

Nevertheless, for some odd reason in those countries that discourage - or even illegalize - such hateful comments from other religions, the hateful Jewish religion is typically ignored. The statement signed by numerous prominent Russians complained about this anti-Gentile hatred being allowed to fester. These Russian intellectual giants protested the counterfeit logic that Jewish hatred is allowed to exist, while others are targeted for much lesser offenses. In what can only be viewed as an extreme act of honesty signed by the Russian nationalist prodigies, the document clearly stated:

"Let us assure you, Mr. Prosecutor-General, that there are a large number of well-established facts which lead to the indisputable conclusion: the negative assessment by Russian patriots of typical Jewish qualities and [their] actions against non-Jews are based on true facts and what is more these actions are not accidental, but prescribed by Judaism and have been practiced over the past 2000 years. . . . Therefore, statements and publications against Jews are self-defense, which may not be stylistically correct, but justified in their essence."

In unified agreement, people who represented various parties signed the factual statement, which deserves a signature by all world leaders. Many members of the Rodina party, Liberal Democratic Party, and even the Communist party all agreed that the statement was indeed true and that the Jewish religion was both "anti-Christian and inhumane, whose practices extend even to ritual murders." (Note: While such claims may seem fantastic to some, there is a strong basis in fact for such statements. For more about this, see Dr. DeVier's book, "Blood Ritual," which details many such cases. While it does contain a couple errors-in particular, the one surrounding Andrei Youshchinsky's murder by Menachem Mendel Beilis and his cabal that occurred in the Ukraine and was proven by a court of law-deVier's book is probably the most thoroughly researched book about this topic in modern times. The Interactive CD, St. Simon of Trent, also deals with this topic, and how one child was made a saint in the Catholic Church after Jews ritually murdered him.)

Continuing, the statement promulgated:

"In our appeal we ask the prosecutor to answer what spurred such activity among Jewish organizations. We are also prepared to discuss the issue with representatives from these organizations at a round table."

Obviously, Russian Jewish leaders were flabbergasted that their subservient Gentiles would dare to criticize the Jews' hateful books. The Jewish leaders simply could not believe that a Gentile would dare to condemn them, particularly when Jews wield so much power internationally.

Russia's chief rabbi, Berl Lazar, was awestruck, much like his so many of his cabal. He suggested that there were only two possibilities: 1.) The signers of the statement were "not quite sane"; or, 2.) They are sane, but are "infinitely cynical," are engaging in "lies," and are "knowingly" committing "forgery" to gain anti-Semitic support.

Of course, Lazar dares not suggest that there is a third alternative: The unified Russians are telling the truth, and he just doesn't like it. This is the honest answer, despite how much it may bother to have his anti-Gentile religion on exhibit and its Jewish supremacist plans that accompany it.

Just a few days ago, Israel had referred to Russians as a bunch of drunks:

"Sometimes, it seems like we're working with drunks."

Galina Kozhevnikova, who wrote a recent report about Russians who cared for their nation, stated that such sentiment echoed by the hundreds who protested Jewish supremacy is becoming increasingly more "main-stream of Russian politics."

Anna Gerber, who represents the Holocaust Foundation and was also cited in the report, stated, "We've been through all this before." She went on to suggest that Jews were somehow persecuted in Russia, ignoring the fact that 40 million non-Jews were murdered by revolutionary Jewish leaders such as Apfelbaum, Sverdlov, Trotsky (Bronstein), Lazar Kaganovich, Lenin (Ulyanov), and Zinoviev. Zinoviev, known as the "mad dog," was famous for his comment about those 10 million non-Jews who opposed the Jews: "They must be annihilated." (Of course, he framed such talk as the "bourgeois.") While Zinoviev's rule ended in 1936 when he was shot, Jewish supremacist Kaganovich continued to murder Gentiles unchecked, and committed more murders in peace-time than any other person in history in a predominantly European country, though Jews typically try to discard such talk since it doesn't fit in with their guilt-complex-creating-holocaust-plans. __________________


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