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Danish Politics
Immigration & Jewish Influence
Parliamentary Election 2005 results
Jews in Denmark, flight of the Danish Jews. Scandinavia is sweden Norway, Denmark. No holocaust in Denmark. The far right in Denmark is almost none existing. Scandinavia, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark No Jews killed in Denmark. Her you will find short references to Jewish media people in Denmark. Part of Scandinavia, immigration, muslims. Recently Jews have brought attention to themselves in Denmark by attacking politicians and media whom they accuse of antisemitism. The far extreme right is almost non existing. Scandinavia; Danish Jews range from extremely orthodox to not practicing. In Denmark there is virtually no anti-semitism, although many Danes have kept a healthy skepticism about this religious group and their religion. The Danish media feed a large number of Jewish journalists, from the extreme left to the neoconservative right. In Scandinavia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark Many Danish Jews warn of the far right, but they certainly have nothing physical to fear from such groups as opposed to what they can expect from immigrant Muslims. Scandinavian jewishness, and jewry. Judaism in Scandinavia. The Jew has played a major role in Danish history by the doings of the anti Christian Jew George Cohen Brandes, whose legacy still lives on in political parties and the newspaper Politiken. Who is a Jew and who is not a Jew, is not always easy to determine, and in Denmark a lot of people simply don't have a clue that a great number of editors and important journalists are Jews, many of whom with either hidden or overt zionist / Jewish agenda's.
The Danish Peoples Party (success because of the Jewish connection?)
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Pia Kjaersgaard - The Danish Peoples Party
Pia Kjaersgaard
Danish Peoples Party unrivalled Leader.
No university degree, worked as a social helper.
Did undivided sympathy for Israel and pro Zionist politics contribute to electoral succes, media access and strong influence in the Danish Government?
Kristian Thulesen Dahl - Danish Peoples Party Dansk Folkeparti
Kristian Thulesen Dahl
The Danish Peoples Party's second in command.
Good looking charming, balanced, sharp, witty and intelligent
degree in economy.

Søren (Soren, Soeren) Espersen
Soren Espersen
The Zionist connection
Danish People's Party
spindoctor (formerly member of extreme left party VS)
Jewish wed Israel supporter, Zionist, accused of affiliations with Nazi's, by left wing extremists, but got his name cleared in court.
Mogens Camre European Parliament for the Danish People's Party
Mogens Camre
Mogens Camre, born in 1936.
representative in the European Parliament.
Former Social Democrat.
Spirited and intelligent fighter against mass immigration & Muslim invasion of Europe. Married to Lene Camre born 1974, also an active party member. Mogens Camre is a former budget Minister and MP of the Social Democratic Party.
Fluent in English, German, French and some other languages.
Mogens Camre 68 years of age but kicking like a 30 year old is one of my personal heroes! homepage (english) .
Morten Messerschmidt Danish People's Party
Morten Messerschmidt

Morten Messerschmidt
One of the most promising amongst the DPPs new generation of politicians.

Gained some extra popularity after participating in the Danish version of Big Brother TV reality show.
Took part in discussion in BBC program about immigration March 23 2004 watch: click here. (Real Player)

The Danish People's Party,
Success because of the Jewish Connection?
Won two extra seats in 2005 elections!
Pia Kjaersgaard second most popular politician after PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Short Party History (from DPP website)

The Danish People's Party (DF) was established the 6th of October 1995 at Christiansborg.
At the first annual meeting held at Vissenbjerg, Funen 1st of June 1996, Member of Parliament Pia Kjaersgaard was unanimously elected the Party Leader. The Danish general election on 11th of Marts, 1998 gave the Danish People's Party 252,228 votes (7.4%) and 13 seats in Parliament. The EU-Parliament election held on 10th of June 1999, gave the DF one seat.
The General Election to the Danish Parliament held on 20th of November 2001, resulted in the Danish People's Party winning 413,987 votes (12%) and 22 seats in Parliament, making the Danish People's Party the third largest political party in Denmark.

Status 8 february 2005: 444.398 votes (13.3%) 24 seats in Parliament.

(End of DPP website quote)

Europe's one and only Anti Immigration Party

          ....................with a substantial degree of influence; Dansk Folkeparti, led by Pia Kjaersgaard.
Loved by some, hated by many. Strangely enough, many people who oppose immigration don't actually vote for the DPP, some of them say they "do not like Pia Kjaergaard". As far as I can see this is the net result of years of demonization by the left wing press. Party Program in English. Number two in the party hierarchy is Economy Major Kristian Thulesen Dahl (born 1969).

One of the most influential party officials is spindoctor Soren Espersen* (born 1963), a journalist who is married to a Jewish woman Yvette Kim Fay and pays regular visits to Israel.

The fact that the pro Israel Dansk Folkeparti (DF) is one of the only anti-immigration parties in Europe which has a direct influence on the government is another indication of the tremendous Jewish influence in politics.

Dansk Folkeparti is currently ( August 2. 2004 ) the third biggest party in Denmark, and forms the parliamentary basis of the centre right government of Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

The Party can hardly be called "right wing", since most of it's idea's except those which concern immigration and the independence of the nation state are a lot closer to Social Democrat viewpoints than to the liberalist party (Venstre) of Anders Fogh Rasmussen. The Danish Peoples Party unlike the BNP welcomes people of all colors in their ranks, although not many take up the offer.

In England the anti-immigration British National Party lately included a lady of Jewish descent into their leading ranks, and it will be interesting to see if this is going to further this so far demonized party electorial success. Contrary to the Danish Peoples Party, the BNP still endorses literature critical of Judaism at it's website.

One of the few academics who supports the Danish Peoples Party (but is not part of the party's leadership) is historian Bent Jensen, from Syddansk University in Odense, who has done a lot of research on Communist atrocities.

He and his institute have just been awarded some millions to write a book and do more research on the Communist holocaust, much to the dismay of the Danish left, who fear that their connections (and possible illegal activities) with the Sovjet Union and the DDR during the cold war will be exposed.

How Bent Jensen, who strangely enough is an ardent supporter of Israel and the Jews, is going to get around this subject without mentioning the major role played by the Jews in the emergence of Communism, is going to be quite interesting to see. More on the part played by the Jews in Communism.

Bent Jensen, who has critizised the Holocaust Cult Center (DCHF) (dealt with further down this page) for focusing so much on "the Jewish Holocaust" that all other genocides (some of them with considerably more victims!) are almost forgotten, was labelled an anti-Semite, by Jaques Blum (president of Mosaisk trossamfund, and his wife Eva Bøggild just because of that. Bent Jensen was accused of being a revisionist by mosaisk trossamfunds leader Jacques Blum which he denied. However, he stated that: 'Even the German genocide on the Jews should be allowed to be reseached and discussed freely. We don't want to have professional judges of what is good taste and to decide what the population can read and discuss.' source.
[I guess if we had more professionals who would stand by that rather natural opinion, we would not have nealy as much confusion about the extremely contradicting stories we have to listen to in this field of reseach, and a great number of people less in jails in various countries. Upps] Bent Jensen about Beate Winklers EUMC: "EU's center for mind control in Vienna, which abuses the crimes of Nazism to intimidate the populations of the European countries.

It might be interesting to know for foreign media (like the BBC) who routinely label The Danish Peoples Party as being 'racist', that Bent Jensen has two non white adopted children.

Christianity, Protestantism, the Lutheran variety is the official state religion in Denmark. Almost all Danes are members of the Folkekirke, the state church. The Danish Royal Family has to be a member of this religion. Currently Queen Margrethe reigns, her successor will be crown prince Frederik (recently married to Australian civilian Mary Donaldson who was raised as a Catholic and converted to Lutheranism at the occasion of her marriage.

The Royal Family is immensely populair among the population, but this didn't shield the Queen from beeing criticized heavily for some statements she made a few years back about the "duty of the Danish people to be good to immigrants".
At least two more party top officials must be mentioned: The two Protestant priests (and cousins) Soren Krarup and Jesper Langballe.

Soren Krarup has recently been the victim of accusations of antisemitism, by Jewish former member of parliament Arne Melchior. He had questioned the loyalty of the 18 century Jewish writer Georg Cohen Brandes, who hated Christianity, and sought to destroy it. The spirtual heirs of Brandes are still involved in this project, and are advocates of multiculturalism. Georg and his brother Edvard founded the newspaper Politiken and the Radical Party (Det Radikale Venstre), now small in numbers but the most extreme anti-national party in Denmark. They have exerted great destructive influence, because they often could tip the scales between the conservative and socialist block. This role is now occupied by the DPP, leaving the Radikale Venstre without any real influence for the time being. (Praise the Lord!)

Article about the anti-Semitism accusations episode against Krarup in German and Danish only here at

The Anti Immigration / Anti-Muslim Danish People's Party, of course is violently opposed to the admittance of the Muslim state Turkey into the European Union. How they combine this with their love of the multicultural multi-ethnic US and George Bush, who have been trying very hard to twist the arms of the Europeans to get them to accept Turkey into the EU is a riddle to me...

A possible explanation is that they love Israel more than they hate the Turks...

The relation of the pro Zionist DPP with other sections of organized Zionist as well as non Zionist Jewry is a complicated one.

The DPP loathes the pro Israel Holocaust Cult Center; the (take a deep breath!)
"Danish Centre for International Studies Department for Holocaust and Genocide Studies" (DHCF) which is headed by Uffe Ostergaard* and has among it's supporters the leader of the religious organization "Mosaic Believers" (Mosaisk Trossamfund) the Jew Jacques Blum and his wife Eva Boggild*.

This centre which poses somehow as some kind of government organization (and is [partly?] government funded) has among it's objectives the indoctrination of schoolchildren with very subjective truth's and "facts" but is as a matter of fact, to use the words of philosopher Mihail Larsen "a cover organization for Israeli political interests".

This center wants everybody to feel that "the holocaust" is their fault. Not only the Germans, or the Nazi's, no, it is the fault of every non Jewish person (Although virtually all the Danish Jews were saved). (more further down this page) Furthermore this feeling of guilt, which they are trying to impose on Danish children and adults alike, is to be used to demonize the strong feelings against Muslim mass immigration which for very good reasons have been stirred up in the population). Letter of protest to the European The Commissioner of Human Rights

Whilst the Zionist forces in the DPP also use the "anti-Semitism accusing finger" and can see or smell "the smoke of Auschwitz" every time Israel is being critized, obviously they do not subscribe to the secondary purpose of the Holocaust Cult Center, namely to advocate Muslim immigration, and all the other well known schemes of the Multi-Cult & Multi-Ethnic anti-National movement.

On the list of sworn ennemies of the DPP are many other Jews, like Jacques Blum, Arne Melchior, the rabbi's Bent Melchior and Bent Lexner, left wing journalists Georg Metz, Adam Holm, Klaus Rothstein, Herbert Pundik, Anders Jerichow and Carsten Jensen. Well one can safely assume that most left wing journalists hate the DDP, while neoconservative Danish Jewish journalists pose indifferent. Some non journalist Danish Jews are definitely with the DDP.

Homosexuality &

Louise Frevert Lesbian mother of four MP for DPP
Louise Frevert
Member of Parliament
for the DPP

openly gay mother of four
A classical educated ballet dancer with the Royal Danish Ballet. She was a professional ballerina with the Pensylvania Ballet, and the Iranian National Ballet Company just to mention some.

For years she was the number one belly dancer in Denmark, and also performed as a dancer in several oriental countries, worked as a choreographer, and wrote a book about loosing weight using belly dance as a theraphy, as well as a book on Oriental food.

Before she joined the Danish People's Party, she was a member of the City Councel for Konservative (Conservative Party). She is the mother of four children.

Ritual Slaughter & Circumcision

Infant circumcision, which is rather normal (!) in the US, where about 85 % of the male population is a victim of this ridiculous custom (which doubtlessly has been introduced because of the abundance of Jews in the medical profession) is not practiced by the indigenous peoples of Europe, except in the UK. [If somebody knows of any alternative explanation for the American adoptation of this Jewish custom, please let us know, we would be very grateful]

In spite of the DPP's pro-Zionist attitude, the party opposes ritual slaughter, the Jewish "shechita" (In Danish "schæchtning" as well as the Muslim version which is called "halal", and has launched campaigns against this form of animal brutality several times. Also the DPP was one of the few parties which hasn't signed the European George Orwell legislation to sanctify the holocaust cult and special anti-semitism laws. The other party's were Vlaams Belang (Flanders), the Front National (France), Christian Democrats (Italy) and the Communist Party of Greece. Excerpt from tractate BNP website. Full text English - Danish

Animal welfare, by the way is also a priority of the DPP. It might interest the reader to know that ritual slaughter is forbidden in Sweden and Norway.
This meant good business for some Danish butchers of both the the Muslim and Jewish variety, since import of ritually slaughtered meat is not forbidden in these countries.
The current Chief Rabbi of the Danish Jews, Bent Lexners civil occupation is butcher.

As far as I know the DPP is also opposed to the practice of circumcision, of both males and females.
Circumcision of females is explicitly forbidden in Denmark, and a law making it illegal to have girls circumcised while abroad has been passed recently. Especially Somali refugees are known to visit their country of origin to have their daughters circumcised there, or to have it done within the country illegally.

Not too long ago a revealing TV documentary (hidden camera) from Sweden was broadcast which showed Somali leaders, who had spoken against sexual mutilation in public, assisting in finding imams willing to perform the operation, and even putting pressure on their own people to have it done. The Muslim version of the law which allows followers of Islam to lie if the purpose is to further Islam, is called Taqyia (this word can be spelled in many different ways).

From time to time voices are raised from within the Danish medical profession, that also circumcision of male infants should be forbidden, but not many political parties seem to be willing to risk to have a row about it with the Jews.

The DPP is rather liberal by the standards of many "right wingers" in other parts of the world.
As mentioned before, the party has no racist or even racialist agenda, the party leader sweet Pia Kjaersgaard says she buys her vegetables in an immigrant store.


Denmark was one of the first countries in the world where gay marriage was legalized.
Homosexuality is no big issue; one of the DPPs Members of Parliament is an openly lesbian woman by the name of Louise Frevert. To make things even more liberal she was a famous belly dancer before her political career went soaring.

The DPP is against the right for homosexual couples to adopt children, or to receive artificial insemination. The DPP believes a child has a right to both a father and a mother.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen Prime Minister Denmark
Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Prime Minister

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, cunning Prime Minister. Good strategist. accused of being dictatorial.
Long time planner..

Never says all he's thinking!

Wrote a book years ago: "The Minimal State"
Which was advocating what most Danes perceive as "extreme economic liberalism". Being the realist he is, Fogh says he has given up on realizing his capitalist dreams. Well not his dreams I suppose!

Per Stig Moller
Per Stig Moeller Foreign Minister Denmark
Per Stig Moller
Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister
Indecisive, tense relationship with Boss Rasmussen

Appears intellectual, probably a nice guy but perhaps not all that smart.

Bertel Haarder Minister for Integration of Foreigners
ertel Haarder
Integration Minister
Bertel Haarder Minister for Integration
Difficult job, to have to say no in spite of heartbreaking stories about poor immigrants being forced to return to their country of origin ....
But Haarder did it!
He'd love to go to Brussels, but he is needed at home.. Please Haarder stay here.....!!!!
Lene Espersen Justice Minister
Lene Espersen
Justice Minister
Lene Espersen

Angelfaced but dangerous.
Couldn't care less about Civil Liberties.
provincial style "tough on Crime".
Lacks in intelligence and / or insight.

Good looks, deep cleavage and uncompromising ambition to get to the top definitely helped her career.
Has never read George Orwell 1984 or thinks that's the way to go, as long she's on top.
Even the Conservative paper Jyllands Posten criticizes her for being to eager to do away with civil liberties.

Connie Hedegaard Praising The Culture of Critique (Manipulation)
Connie Hedegaard
(born 1960)
Why not try something a little less politically correct Connie?
(manipulated picture!)

New Environment Minister.
From political talkshow host to Minister overnight.
In her shows Connie especially seemed to appreciate Rabbi's, "Holocaust Experts" and advocates of multiculturalism.

The two Governing Parties

The by far largest party Venstre and it's small appendix Konservative

This government is dependent on the support of the Danish People's Party (DPP)
It has adopted a great deal of de DPP's anti immigration strategies, and now presents them as their own.
Prime minister is Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Conservative Foreign Minister is Per Stig Moller.

Both parties are economical liberalistic and they wholeheartedly support George Bush and Tony Blair's so called "War on terror", and the war in Iraq, try to underplay or excuse American atrocities, pay lipservice to critics of Israel, but are in reality not much more than eager supporters of neoconservative and Zionist causes. Even though this may cost them re-election, since a large part of the population is a lot more critical towards the war in Iraq, Guantanamo, Israel asf.

On these issues the two liberalist governing parties compete with the Danish Peoples Party on which of them is supporting US/Israeli world domination most.
Their style of lying and repeating the same mantra's (by the government) when it comes to the reasons for the Iraq war are as repetitive, boring and ridiculous as their bedfellows Tony Blair and George Bush' lame excuses. They could be sacificing their reelection, but they are fighting for the Uzionist World Order almost as fanatically as the Germans fought at Stalingrad.

Per Stig Moller* made it from TV journalist to Foreign Minister.
No hardliner, a blue eyed idealist who could have fitted in with the Social Democrats just as well. Euro fan, dreaming about peace, but still supporting Bush and his neoconservative criminal crowd.

Bertel Haarder, Venstre Minister for Integration
Competent, does not let himself be bullied by Human Rights Commissioner Portugese Alvaro Gil Robbles, expressed contempt for The George Orwell Institute in Vienna EUMC (Beate Winckler) a good man with a very difficult job.
Holds on to the Danish law which forbids people under the age of 24 from marrying non EU citizens. A law which was decided on to stop the Muslim practice of forced marriage. A Muslim family can earn quite a bit of money by importing marital partners to social welfare paradise Denmark.
And keep their woman from being westernized at the same time.
Many educated immigrants, social workers asf. support the law, and say it's to the benefit of the young people.....

And the law is there to stay, if Bertel Haarder has his way.
Is a fanatical EU supporter though, but then again who isn't? (I'm not!)

Only the Danish People's Party and some tiny fractions on the extreme left are against giving up the Nation State and the sovereignty of the Danish people to become part of the United States of Europe. After all money is what matters most!

But since there were a few referendums in Denmark, one of them which rejected joining the Euro, Prime Minister Fogh is taking it easy..
Especially when he realized that the Euro is a risky business at best.
so why not see and watch if things are going to work out?
After all so far Denmark has done fine without the Euro, which cannot be said about Germany and France....

The Konservative Party's official leader former police officer Bendt Bendtsen (twisted isn't it!) is another country dweller.
He boasts about being tough on crime, and probably longs for the old days when he walked the streets of Odense haressing small time dopedealers, junkies and heroin whores.

Cabinet change August 2. 2004
Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen made changes to his cabinet, most notably adding one new minister (environment) the new minister is Connie Hedegaard, (Konservative) who has worked as a journalist, the later years for the main public service station Danmarks Radio (DR).
She appears to be an advocate of multiculturalism, and must have been especially fond of Jews, since she invited a disproportioate number of Jews at the political program 'Deadline'. (Article on Connie here [Danish only])

This appointment is cause for concern. Not only does she appear to have viewpoints far from the Conservative Party's mainstream, and is she a multicult advocate. The number of people in Danish governments who are former media personalities is continuously rising, as is the number of former politicians who have found a prominent position in the media.

How can this contribute to "independent journalism"? The answer is, that it doesn't. Politicians and media personalities are becoming one big inbred family. Also several people who already hold powerful positions like newspaper editors, are also the ones constantly seen on TV asked for opinions and expertise asf. How do we know if some journalists are being "a little too careful" when asking questions to politicians, when their next career move may depend on it?
A very limited number of people are allowed to exert an incredible influence on the general public, and are more and more seen as authority figures, just because their faces appear on the screen all the time.

Politics and the Zionist propaganda machine in holocaust disguise

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen recently payed his dues to the world wide Zionist propaganda machine, by flying over to the US in order to "on behalf of the Danish people" receive a "Holocaust Prize" from a Holocaust Museum in Texas for aiding the Danish Jews during WWII. This propaganda award was given (to Jiddish speaking Jewish ancestored) Colin Powell and Hollywood Zionist propagandist Steven Spielberg before him.

Daniel Liebeskind
is plastering holocaust shrines all over Europe while his brothers in the faith keep committing their atrocities in Palestine.

Danish Jewish Museum in Copenhagen (By Liebeskind)
(Dansk Jødisk Museum)

Holocaust Shrine in Hungary

Fogh Rasmussen was also present at the opening of yet another "Jewish / Danish Museum" (Dansk Jødisk Museum) situated on a central location in Copenhagen, and designed by the Jewish New Twin Towers architect Daniel Liebeskind.

Liebeskind is building Jewish shrines all over the world, not only in Copenhagen but also in other major cities like Berlin. Mostly they are being labelled "museums", but the intent is clear. An interview with this Jewish propagandist (English) by the Danish TV station Danmarks Radio can be viewed and heard here. (windows mediaplayer - drag slider to about 21 minutes into broadcast).

Parliamentary Elections 2005
83.8 % of those eligible for voting did vote.
% +/-
Venstre (liberalist) 29 2.2 52 -4
Social Democrats 25.9 -3.3 47 -5
Danish People's P. 13.3 1.3 24 2
Conservatives 10.3 1.2 18 2
Socialist Party (SF) 6 -0.4 11 -1
Radikale 9.2 4 17 8
Left Unity 3.4 1 6 2
Christian Democr. 1.7 -0.6 0 -4
Centrum Democr. 1 -0.8 0 0
Minority Party 0.3 0.3 0 0
Party-less Cand.        
Strike through = not represented

Election results: the Centre Right government stays on.
The anti immigration DPP gained two seats! Pia Kjaersgaard the leader of the DPP scored second best with personal votes after PM Anders Fogh Rasmussen who scored best.

Almost half a million Danes voted DPP!

Parliamentary Elections 2001
% +/-
Venstre (liberalist) 31.3  7.3  56  14 
Social Democrats 29.1  -6.8  52  -11 
Danish People's P. 12.0  4.6  22 
Conservatives 9.1  0.2  16 
Socialist Party (SF) 6.4  -1.2  12  -1 
Radikale 5.2  1.3 
Left Unity 2.4  -0.3  -1 
Christian Democr. 2.3  -0.2 
Centrum Democr. 1.8  -2.5  -8 
Fremskridtspartiet 0.6  -1.8  -4 
Party-less Cand. 0.0  -0.1 

Mogens Lykketoft Danish Social Democrat Leader
Mogens Lykketoft
Social Democrat resigned as party leader after February 2005 elections defeat the party lost 5 seats.
Mogens Lykketoft exit!

Social Democrat leader

Intelligent, degree in economics, respected for his strategical and professional abilities but lacks in public appeal.
said to belong to the "Stalinist Wing", but would be too smart to show that openly. Might have been better for the party if he had kept pulling the threads from behind the screen. He had to step in, mainly because of lack of other good candidates. Poor Frank Jensen, former Justice minister. He had set his hopes too high!
Svend Auken Social democrat - Left wing former leader of Social democrats
Svend Auken
Social democrat
Svend Auken

Left wing Social democrat, detronized party leader.

Sympathic person, but way too anti National and Muslim friendly. His sister Margrethe Auken is a high ranking member of the socialist party (SF), now representative in the European Parliament.
Svend Auken seems to suffer from waning support within his party.
Torben Lund Social democrat Member of European Parliament openly gay
Torben Lund
Social Democrat
openly gay.
Torben Lund

Openly gay Social Democrat.
Member of the European Parliament.

A man of principle.
Although a fervent supporter of the European Union, he criticized the lack of openness, and demanded that the people be told the truth, instead of being fed the lie, that the EU is not a political project. The Party wanted him fired from his post for telling this unpopular truth. Was under heavy attack recently by local Jews and their international organizations (ADL) branded "antisemite" and compared to Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher in the press.
Read article about this interesting affair.
Poul Nyrup Rasmussen - Social democrat former Prime Minister
Poul Nyrup Rasmussen
Poul Nyrup Rasmussen

Social Democrat

Prime Minister before Anders Fogh Rasmussen took over.
Was nicknamed Poul "Wool in mouth", he could talk on end without saying anything. Now he is "promoted" away to the European Parliament. So he won't screw things up at home in DK.
His father had a Nazi past which Poul had tried to conceal. May explain his extreme political correctness.
He once said Pia Kjaersgaard and the DPP would never be considered "house-trained", but had to eat his own words. It caused his party great harm. Most of the DPP electorate consists of former Social Democrats.

Pernille Frahm
Socialist Party
Pernille Frahm
Socialist Party (SF)
is of Jewish descent but absolutely anti zionist, anti European Union, anti restricton of free speech.
Of course as a socialist she probably is the usual advocate for multiculturalism. Married to near stalinist hard liner Villy Sørensen also SF.

Erling Heyman Olsen Jewish
Now in EU human rights department
Played an important part in early pro immigration legislation. You can see him in a video together with another presumably Jewish human rights activist Klaus Slavensky from the infamous Danske Center for Menneskerettigheder which is not taken too seriously anymore even by mainstream politicians like the liberal minister of integration Bertel Haarder.
Video page

The Opposition

Social Democrats (S) headed by Mogens Lykketoft. (in the proces of finding new leader)
Socialist Party (SF) to the left of the Social Democrats, before anti EU, now pro European Union. Pro multicult.
Det Radikale Venstre (R) Call themselves "liberal" (means liberalistic in Europe), but are at the same time the most immigration friendly party in Denmark. They absolutely refuse to be even remotely reasonable.
Christian Democrats Economicly speaking less socialist, but want more money for the Third World, their electorate is sceptical of Muslims, but the party top is becoming more and more pro multicult. Pro Israel.
Left Unity (Enhedslisten) extreme left, AFA, International Socialists, Anti Fascist Action, and other violent left wing extremists have their parliamentary front end here. Pro multicult, support Palestine, PLO asf..
Centrum Democrats are now eradicated. More about this very pro Jewish party further down.

All of the opposition (except "Left Unity") as well as the two governing parties now support the European Union although there is a definite split in most of them as to how far the developments should be allowed to go..

Apart from these "traditional parties" there are two movements against the European Union; the Juni Movement, and the People's Movement against the EU, with considerable influence when it comes to fighting the EU. People of all parties who are anti-EU unite and organize themselves in these two movements, except DPP voters (who are also anti EU).
These two movements do not partake in parliamentary or local elections. They do have one seat in the European Parliament. (Jens Peter Bonde). These two grass roots movements don't generally associate with the DPP although they share their resistance against the EU.

karen Jespersen Social Democrat anti immigration
Karen Jespersen
Married to Ralf P
Karen Jespersen

Former Journalist later Minister in Nyrup Rasmussen Cabinet

Everybody loves Karen, except Muslims and hard core mulicult fanatics.

She represents the anti immigration fraction of the Social Democrats.
Openly declares that we should stick to our culture, and that immigrants are the ones to integrate. Would like to see ban on headscarfs asf.
Extremely honest and straight forward, sympathetic but can defend herself extremely well if neccesary.

Update: 09-10-2004 Karen Jespersen, has left her party in protest over its lax immigration policies. She feared that her Social Democratic Party who at the time support the centre right government of Anders Fogh Rasmussen's tough stand on immigration, will change policy after the next elections, in order to accommodate the extreme xenophile Radical Party in order to form a coalition government.
She hopes to return to her former occupation as a journalist.
Article in Copenhagen Post
ralf Pittelkow Jyllands Posten
Ralf Pittelkow
Married to Karen Jespersen
Ralf Pittelkow

Dispite his name and looks he is not Jewish.

His parents belonged to the German speaking minority in South Jutland.
Former Social Democrat Spindoctor:
Wrote a book recently:
"In Defence of the Nation State" In which in spite of being a self declared globalist and EU supporter arguments that only the Nation state can garantee that Denmarks current social policy, the welfare state wil remain as it is.
Immigration and Islam sceptic.
Columnist for Jyllands Posten.

The Social Democrats during the last few years have gone from violent attacks against the Danish Peoples's Party for being "inhumane", xenophobic asf. to agreeing to the policies of the Government of Anders Fogh Rasmussen on the immigration issue.

A few weeks ago the Social Democrats, who also have a fight going on about the subject in their own ranks, declared they would stick to their support of the existing immigration laws, in spite of the demands of the Radikale. Most of the Social Democrat electorate support a tougher stand on immigration, and could easily be lost to the DDP if they were to fear the Party might take a less tough stand on immigration. A recent survey showed that the larger part of one of the Workers Unions (SID) members (usually closely related to the Social Democrats), approve of integration minister Bertel Haarders tough stand on immigration.

A former Social Democrat minister, now MP; Karen Jespersen was a driving force for the hard line against immigration and demanded Muslim immigrants must integrate themselves into Danish society, and rejects that the Danes change their ways and habits to comfort them. She holds this realistic attitude while at the same time she is one of the most socially engaged, humanistic and popular politicians.

Her opponent is the left wing party representative Svend Auken who once was the party's leader before detronized with the help of the current party leader Mogens Lykketoft in favor of Poul Nyrup Rasmussen who was Prime Minister before Anders Fogh Rasmussen and his centre right governement took over.

Karen Jespersen is married to Poul Nyrup Rasmussen's former spindoctor Ralf Pittelkow (not Jewish in spite of his name and looks), who is now a political commentator with the right wing newspaper Jyllands Posten. He has recently written a book: "In Defense of the Nation State", and is very weary of Islam.

The Radical Party (det Radikale Venstre)

The Radical Party, co-founded by the Jews Edvard and Georg Cohen Brandes consider themselves to be a non-socialist liberalist party. They are the number one multicultural advocates of immigration, globalist, fanatically pro European Union and anti National. The party leader is Marianne Jelved, a granny type schoolteacher with dangerous and subversive ideas.

They were close to being annihilated before last elections by barely making the 4 % low limit neccesary to be represented in parliament (Folketinget).

Perhaps most of the other parties' trend towards immigration restriction, but the Radical Party are gathering votes these days from fanatical multicult lovers and the ever increasing numbers of Muslims. They have a number of Muslims on their list, most noticably Naser Khader, a Syrian born immigrant. Who himself by the way has certain reservations about succumbing to Muslim pressure for Muslim friendly legislation.

Others of their Muslim representatives like the Pakistani islamist activist Tanwir Ahmad do not own his slight modesty, and expose their characteristic shamesless craving attitude. or even threaten other less fundamentalistic muslims.

Tanwir Ahmad broadcasted remarks in Urdu which could be interpreted in the Pakistani community as incitement to violence. listen to Urdu speech
His attitude shows he has a hard time controlling himself, a tendency to violent explosions. How he can stay in this Radikal "peace loving" party defies all reason.

Whether strict Muslims or entertaining a worldly image, they just want more immigrant rights, including more immigration whichever way one looks at it. In some respect the attitude of these Muslims shows a parallel to some jewish behaviour, although they differ by style and means. Whereas the Jews enjoy the protection of the holocaust mantra and the role of victims, the Muslim side has to deal with the extremely bad reputation of the habits of Muslims, terrorists, their extreme crime rates in Western Europe asf.

Marianne Jelved

Naser Khader
Syrian/ Palestinian immigrant
Needs round the clock police protection because of threats from other less 'modern muslims'.

Tanwir Ahmad
Pakistani fundamentalist
Threats in Urdu
Above Radikale Party

Below Socialist Party (SF)

Kamel Quereshi
Promotes muslim immigration to Denmark, and pays for abortion for Faroese (nordic) woman.
Promotes explicit sex education (subjects like animal sex!) for Danish children but wants the right for headscarfs and traditional marriage for Muslim women.

The parties eagerness to incorporate immigrant candidates has led to some controversial affairs, when some of the people they had among their candidates (among others Mona Sheik) turned out to have extreme Muslim viewpoints, far from the party's official line and with connections to the Muslim organization Hizbut Tahir, which is forbidden in several other European countries.

The party's record for "cooperating with the enemy" goes all the way back to it's founding days, and this fine tradition was continued during the Nazi occupation, and in modern times by cooperating with the Muslim invaders who threaten the very existence of this small great nation.

This party which in recent times has always been of limited size, but had the luck to be the ones who could tip the scales, and therefore exerted a much bigger influence on Danish politics than their numbers alone could justify.

The Radical Party, though small and as of now without direct influence, radiates it's destructive influence in yet other ways, through journalists.

Although the Radical Party barely crosses the 4 % minimum vote for representation, oddly enough a recent survey showed that journalists vote for the party 5 times more than the population in general.

None of the 350 questioned journalists reported to have voted for The Danish People's Party.

Also 33% of the journalists said they voted for the extreme left parties Enhedslisten and Socialistisk Folkeparti. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

The Socialist Party (Socialistisk Folkeparti)

This party slightly to the left of the Social Democratic Party, has long been an advocate of multiculturalism, but there are signs that they are slowly realizing that the world has changed.
After a strong debate and a near split the party decided to join the ranks of the pro European Unionalists.
There still is a strong opposition against this stance, especially among the party's electorate, but also between a number of party officials.

Jewish born Pernille Frahm was one of those most strongly opposed to the decision to join the club of EU lovers. This lady is also opposed to the Zionist politics of Israel and Ariel Sharon and has, as far as I know not shown the positive interest for Israel or Judaism one often finds among Jews.

Furthermore it can be said to her credit that she has been known to criticize tractates and the like that were to curtail freedom of speech, and I even heard her being praised for this at what is usually known as "extreme right websites" where love for Jews is rarely expressed. She is married to the always sour looking party comrade Villy Søvndal, not a man who is liked in anti immigration circles.

Jews in the Government

There does not seem to be an exceptionally large number of Jews neither in the government nor in the opposition.
Apart from before mentioned Pernille Frahm, there are Tom Ahlberg also from the Socialist party, Social democrat Erling Heyman Olsen now working for EU human rights (was responsible for implementation of immigration friendly legislation years ago) , Finn Rudaisky (Copenhagen City Council).
Jette Gotlieb from the extreme left party Left Unity (Enhedslisten) has left politics, as have Isi Foighel (now working with a human rights organization) and Arne Melchior.
There are a small number of people left who might be of Jewish descent, but it's hard to know for sure.

Scandinavia - Europe
Northern Europe


Denmark Flag Denmark Area, Population asf.

Scandinavia: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Faroe Islands, (Finland for practical purposes)
The Finnish language has no connections to the Scandinavian languages and is related to Hungarian.

Denmark, the smallest and most southern country of Scandinavia, borders with Germany to the south, Sweden and Norway to the north and east across the sea. Bridges connect Jutland and the two main Islands Funen (Fyn) & Sealand (Sjaelland) and to Sweden. Danish spelling: Danmark language: Dansk.
Greenland (60,000) and Faroe Islands (50,000) are officially a part of the constitutional monarchy Denmark. (Languages Faroeese and Greenlandish / Inuit)
Language Danish. Danish is very similar to Norwegian, and closely related to Swedish.
Area about 43,000 Squire Km.
Climate compares roughly to UK and Northern Germany (nothing specially cold or icy as some may think)
Population about 5,300,000
Non European immigrants and descendents roughly 300,000 (rough estimate)
Turkey, Somalia, Palestine, Irak, Iran, former Yugoslavia, Albania, North Afrika, Africans, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and the loose. The great majority is Muslim (except Vietnamese, Sri Lankans a few Serbs, Christian Arabs and other tiny minorities).
Jews 6,000 - 6,500 of which about 30 % are member of Mosaisk Trossamfund (religious organization)
Politics: Many parties. Government always coalition between different parties. Government (aug 2004); two liberalistic parties dependent on DPP (not part of gov.) for majority. Next elections in two years.

A little history

Until 1864 which is a very important historical date in Danish history, the Kingdom of Denmark stretched all the way to the river Eider in what is now Northern Germany (Schleswig Holstein). In still older times the territory stretched further south into what is now Germany, all the way to the Hamburg subburb Altona which was a Danish city in those days. The Danish influence can still be traced in many city names in Northern Germany. There is a small Danish speaking minority in Northern Germany with their own schools asf. and a German minority in Southern Jutland (Sønderjylland).

Three provinces in Southern Sweden; Skåne, Halland and Blekinge, belonged to Denmark as well until 1658. Denmark and Norway were one country under the Danish crown untill 1814.

The Danes have a very ambivalent relationship with the Swedes with whom they fought many wars.
The Danes mock the very uptight (almost Preussian) culture of the Swedes and talk about "forbidden Sweden" because of their many laws and regulations and their restrictive alcohol policy. The cultural difference is still very big, and is reflected in the very political correct attitude of the Swedish government towards criticism of multiculturalism and immigration, which is the complete opposite of the relaxed and open Danish attitude. Some Swedish cities, notably Malmo which lies just a few kilometres across the narrow Oresund from Copenhagen (now connected by a bridge) has an immigrant majority of 70%!

The Swedes are also unpopular because they allowed the German troops to cross the country by train unhindered during WWII so they could occupy Norway. The Swedes remained "neutral" and made a lot of money during the war by trading with all the parties involved. Today the Swedes are assisting immigrants in undermining the restrictive Danish laws, by allowing couples to settle in Sweden, which after a while automatically grants them access to Denmark. The immigrant boom has left it's mark on Sweden which is in an economic and social downward spiral.
Statistical information about immigration in Denmark (English) here

History of Jewry in Scandinavia
A historic study by the Islandic author Snorri G. Bergsson

The Aryan Cradle,
Iceland and the "Jewish Question"
The Jews and the North

Martin Krasnik Danmarks Radio
Martin Krasnik
Martin Krasnik

Grew up in Copenhagen and Jerusalem.
Speaks Hebrew.

Pro Israel, pro US
TV Host politics.

Can be quite aggressive to people who do not share his views. At DR TV it is not politically correct to openly defend Israeli aggression, which is obviously hard on Krasnik. Krasnik about this website after recent commotion and far fetched (nazi) allegations in the media: "There is nothing neo [nazi] about it. It's the genuine article.
Georg Metz
Georg Metz Left wing Jewish Journalist
Georg Metz

Left wing pro immigration Jewish journalist.
Currently left wing newspaper "Information".

Fanatic Pro immigration lobby.

Samuel Rachlin Religious Jew Zionist
Samuel Rachlin
Samuel Rachlin

Currently TV2

Religious, Zionist from Russian origin.
Finance journalist, sometimes correspondent in Russia. Quite fanatic. In his spare time he writes letters of protest to newspapers which he deems "anti-Israel" and lectures in small local communities to country folks who merely come to "see a well known person", about "his life", WW2, holocaust, (though he wasn't born at that time) 9/11 and so on. Most likely the main aim of these efforts, beside making money is to generate sympathy for the Israeli cause. Member of the new ultra liberalistic think tank CEPOS.
Son Dan Rachlin also journalist.
Hanne Foighel Jewish Correspondent Tel Aviv
Hanne Foighel
Hanne Foighel

TV Journalist Correspondent in Tel Aviv.

Presumably related to former minister of taxation and judge of the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, Isi Foighel, Now connected to the Danish Human Rights Institute as a senior researcher in which capacity Isi recently criticized Integration Minister Bertel Haarder for the "age 24 law" (purpose stop muslim immigration/ forced marriage) CV Isi
Mette Fugl Correspondent Brussels
Mette Fugl
Mette Fugl
TV correspondent Brussels, fanatic EU and multiculture advocate.
So far no direct involvement in Zionist activities or special interest for Judaism or Israel detected.
Fair is fair.. Although the whole European Project to which Miss Fugl is wholeheartedly dedicated of course is serving Jewish interests in many ways. E.G: EU promotion of anti-semitism laws, Turkish membership and furthering of the denationalization of European nation states and the undermining of their ethnical integrity.
Anders Jerichow Politiken
Anders Jerichow
Anders Jerichow
Blue eyed Jewish journalist "Politiken"
Also leading member of PEN Denmark which denied membership to Islam critical writer Lars Hedegaard.
Multi Cult advocate. Invited on TV as a Middle East expert almost on a weekly basis.
Bent Blüdnikov Editor Berlingskeidende (Newspaper)
Bent Blüdnikov
Bent Blüdnikov

Editor of Copenhagen Conservative Newspaper Berlingske Tidende.
Absolutely fanatic Zionist. Member of the new ultra liberalistic think tank CEPOS.
Adam Holm Editor Politiken (newspaper)
Adam Holm
Adam Holm

Editor of leftwing paper Politiken.
Fanatic Zionist

Tøger Seidenfaden Politiken (newspaper) Non Jew
Tøger Seidenfaden
Not Jewish?*=yes, (k.e.2008)
Toger Seidenfaden

Editor in Chief of "Politiken".
Although not Jewish* he should not be missed in this gallery. Politiken which used to be "the jewish newspaper" during the reign of Zionist editor (and Israeli citizen) Herbert Pundik. Lately the paper is being criticized by Jews for not being committed to the cause, of even for being anti Jewish. Seidenfaden is absolutely despised by nationalists. Pseudo-intellectual and arrogant. Bilderberg member.
* Knud B. Eriksen who took the trouble to investigate Seidenfaden's ancestry says his mother was Jewish.. Many people assume he is Jewish anyway.
Herbert Pundik Politiken Zionist & Israeli Citizen
Herbert Pundik
Herbert Pundik

was a dominating force in the Danish media for several decades.

Though being the Editor in Chief of one of the leading Danish Newspapers; Politiken he had the Israeli nationality, and resided in Tel Aviv.
He fought in the Israeli army (or resistance) after the end of WWII.
He is still an influentual force behind the scenes at the newspaper Politiken. This paper was, and to a lesser degree still is, an outspoken advocate for multiculturalism and Muslim immigration. At the same time the newspaper represented definite pro Israeli viewpoints, as would be expected. Politiken was co-founded by the openly anti-Christian Jew Georg Cohen Brandes.
David Gress Neocon Jewish Professor with a position in the US
David Gress
Catholic -
David Gress
born 1953, son of locally famous female Danish philosopher Elsa Gress converted to catholicism in 1975.

Spitting and stuttering speed talking to the extent that it is a pain to have to listen to him. Needs a speech therapist badly. Neoconservative Jewish Economy Professor who thinks (extreme) liberalism is the cure for the world.
Acknowleges the abuse of the holocaust in yet another creative way: It gives the left an excuse to criticize Israel.... Member of the new ultra liberalistic think tank CEPOS.
Jan Leschly
Jan Leschly


Director of Care Capital, finance guru and Bilderberg (guest?) speaker. International Danish born Jew. Probably not known very much by the general public. Appeared in DR Deadline 17-08-04 in an interview conducted by Kurt Strand.
We have not researched media ownership for Denmark, but some information which applies partly to Denmark is available here:
Jewish Media Control in Scandinavia

The Media

The number of Jews in Denmark is estimated at about 6,000, which is about 0.12 % of the 5 million population. An estimated 30 % are members of the religious organization Mosaisk Trossamfund, headed by sociologist Jacques Blum (married to holocaust industry professional Eva Boggild. (Eva Bøggild)
Despite their modest numbers, the Jews are extremely well represented in the media, as seems to be the case most places around the globe.

Danmarks Radio (DR)
Denmarks oldest public service channel

ההםתדרותהציונית בדנמרק 
Arne Notkin TV Editor DR former President of The Danish Zionist League
Arne Notkin
Arne Notkin

Editor of the most seen political TV program in Denmark: DR-Deadline.

The program is broadcast three times a day two short and a longer one in the evening 22:30, every day of the week!

The "man behind the scene", seems to be extremely camera shy. This was the only picture of him I was able to find.

And Arne Notkin has been a hotshot in the Danish media world for a very long time. He has been editor in chief of several newspapers, but I guess his current position is his so far most influential in the Danish media world.

He also is a former president of "The Danish Zionist League" (Dansk Zionistforbund) Who is president at this time, or who the board members are is hard to find out, since these people are only referred to by their initials on their strangely secretive homepage.

It is an insult to everybody's intelligence when Jews and their messenger boys keep on repeating that "Jewish (Zionist) media control is nothing but an anti-semitic allegation!

ההםתדרותהציונית בדנמרק

Several editors-in-chief and numerous prominent journalists are of Jewish descent, e.g. Arne Notkin (former president of the Danish Zionist Union [Dansk Zionist forbund]) who is in charge of one of the most prominent political debate programs in Denmark "DR Deadline" (Public Service Channel Danmarks Radio.
Martin Krasnik,
also Jewish, is one of the prominent hosts on this program for the time being, while Connie Hedegaard, (not Jewish) invited numerous Jews to the program on a regular basis.
The Jew Keld Koplev has had (and still has) his own radio show for decades in which xenophiles, Jews and left wingers dominate most of the time.

The Danish public service channel »Danmark's Radio« is very much like the BBC an almost full time propaganda machine for the multicultural society and immigrant rights. Like the BBC, they are trying to hire as many dark skinned people as possible, in order to "mirror" society, except when it comes to the over proportionate representation of Jews, of course. Other Jewish names on DR TV are Hanne Foighel (Israel correspondent), Allan Silberbrandt (US correspondent), Hans Morten Rubin, Mogens Rubinstein (finance), Mette Fugl (EU) and new(?) and so far less visible Jacob Kofler.

I suppose because "dark skinned people" who qualify as journalists are still hard to find in Denmark, where mass immigration has begun much later than in England and France, they settle for anybody with a background which will make them more likely to favor a multicultural Denmark. Several journalists have been recruted from the ranks of adopted non white children and refugees, who perhaps are inclined to be more sympathetic towords multiculturalism (talking about racism eh!).

To the defence of Danmark's radio I have to say, that they are not entirely as extreme as the BBC covering up problems with immigrants asf. That does not mean that they report fairly, but at least there is some breathing space where the evil truth is allowed to surface. Representatives of anti-immigration views are not denied access to the media, to the same degree as in the UK. These 'virtues' are probably dictated more by necessity than by desire.

TV2 Halfway Public Service half commercial. Weather man Peter Tanev, , Lisbeth Davidsen, finance journalist, orthodox Jew and Zionist Samuel Rachlin (also former Soviet correspondent), his son Dan Rachlin teenage audience talkshow host, morning chit chat host Michael Meyerheim , and "Bubber" Niels Christian Meyer for the small kids. Steffen Jensen is the TV2's jewish correspondent in Israel.

Futhermore a great number of Jews who appear here, there and everywhere, radio, TV, newspapers, shows: Leif Davidsen, Dan Tschernia (himself head of the TV-station 'TV Lorry'), Bengt Burg, Yigal Jacob Znaty, Dan Harder (cartoon artist and fanatic Zionist), David Munis Zeppernick, sociologist Mikael Rothstein, Monica Ritterband, earlier TV2, now gives holocaust lectures), Ebbe Klovedal Reich (diede recently), Finn Abrahamoviz, Ben Weintraub, Tom Trier, Finn Schwartz, Jacques Blum, Morten Thing, writer Ulla Jessing, Maria Feldman, politician Finn Rudaizky, Israeli child psychiatrist Gideon Zlotnik, politician Erling Heyman Olsen, medical doctor Henri Goldstein, Jew chauvinistic zionist, director of the Danish Theater School, Mogens Rukov, who is a very active propagandist for Israel and 'jewishness', Lotte Heisse, speed rapping comedian, who also writes newpaper columns sometimes. Vibeke Sperling is a journalist who is often invited on TV as an expert on Eastern Europe, she is banned from entering Russia because of an alleged supportive attitute to the Chechens.

Susanne Bier Film Producer
Susanne Bier
Jewish film maker
Susanne Bier
(born in Copenhagen 1960)

studied religion at the Hebrew University in Israel
Produced several films with Jewish themes. Among others "Freud leaving home" a movie which features a long list of Jewish actors, and plays in Jewish settings. For Danish speakers: Hør interview med Kjeld Koplev hvor de ælter rund i det jødiske. Lyt

In the past leftwing extremist Jewish artists like Troels Trier, Rebecca Bruel, Thomas & Anisette Koppel (Duo "Savage Rose" - Idolized... Albania!!!) were at the grassroot Marxist political forefront. Film maker Lars von Trier once declared himself Jewish.... and was hailed by film juries! Von Trier and his producer Peter Aalbek (Zentropa Entertainment) are supporters of multiculturalism. Von Triers Jewishness probably is another propaganda stunt as is his "Von". Victor Borge was a Jew born in Denmark, who made it in the US as an entertainer. Susanne Bier is a Jewish film award winner. Jewish Peter Bastian is an extremely gifted musician both in the field of classical music, experimental as well as Balkan inspired music. He has found himself an American guru who also happens to be a Jew, (Andrew Cohen) which is about the only reason Peter is being mentioned on this page. I know nothing about his political viewpoints or possible Zionist attitudes. Knowing what I know about Jewish psychologists, psychiatrists and spirituality, I am cautious, and prepared for the worst. Let's observe.

Politiken, the newspaper that printed Torben Lund's alleged anti-semitic critism of Sharon, was led for many years by the self admitted Zionist and Israel-based Israeli citizen Herbert Pundik (now pulling threads from behind the scene as an advisor). Traditionally read by (left wing) schoolteachers and "intellectuals", people who put an emphasis on being trendy. This leftwing newspaper and it's now mainly neoconservative oriented politically opposed competitor, Jyllands-Posten, are now owned by the same company.

Politiken sprang from the second half of the 19 century radical movement where Jewish influence was represented by the brothers Edvard and (self declared Christianity hater) Georg Cohen Brandes.

Politiken was (and still is) for many years the most ardent defender of multiculturalism, immigration and special rights for Muslims, now under the leadership of Toger Seidenfaden* (supervised by Zionist and Israeli citizen Herbert Pundik). Toger Seidenfaden is a Bilderberg member.

In recent years Politiken has propagated a less outspoken pro Zionist attitude, and is being criticized for this by many Jews. Politiken still has many Jews on it's payroll, some of them unmistakably sympathetic towards Zionist and neo conservative ideas. Adam Holm guards over the direct interests of Jews and Zionists, Anders Jerichow is often invited in Danmarks Radios TV programs as an Middle East expert and is a leading member of the leftwing "free speech organization" PEN, extreme leftist the Jew Carsten Jensen, who is infamous for the foul language he uses against his political opponents, Mattias Seidelin og Marcus Rubin are other Politiken journalists of Jewish descent.

Flemming Rose Neoconservative Editor Jyllands Posten (Newspaper)
Flemming Rose
Flemming Rose

Editor of Jyllands Posten.

This Newspaper used to be a quite reliable conservative paper, but changed to more and more one-sided neoconservative opinions, fantically defending US policy in Iraq and Israel. This culminated lately with attacks at Israel critic, Social Democrat Torben Lund who was compared to Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher. more

It seems the newspaper Jyllands Posten, once a beacon of free speech and traditional conservatism in a jungle of politically correct parrots, now apparently has fallen into neoconservative hands, and again we see the tendency that anti immigration opinions are tolerated but exploited to boost neoconservative support for Israel and the US. The editor Flemming Rose (not Jewish) likes to stay in the background but probably is the man behind the aggressive anonymous editorials that defend Bush, Israel and neoconservative policies. Editorials in this newspaper ar not signed, so nobody knows who wrote what.. Letters from readers are printed in this paper only with full name and address.

Lately the Danish Social democrat member of the European Parliament, Torben Lund, was compared to Nazi propagandist Julius Streicher in a scandalous editorial in Jyllands Posten. You can read about the Torben Lund episode on this page, which also features a transcript of a broadcast of a TV interview featuring influential Danish Jews, European parliament member Torben Lund and Kenneth Jacobsen from the ADL (English).

Jyllands-Posten recently adopted the neoconservative collumnist Hans Hauge who professed his love for Jews, Zionism and Israel while speaking at a Zionist conference in Denmark. The paper also has an alliance with Jewish David Gress, a seemingly confused academic who fills a position in the US, and who would like to import American neoconservatism and unbridled liberalism to Denmark. Lars Hedegaard, a non Jewish recently popular Islam critic has close ties to American Neoconservative Zionist Daniel Pipes, who also happens to be the leader of a Bush gov. think tank.

Information, a small newspaper on the left. Editor in chief David Trads (just quit his job), and features leftwing extremist anti nationalist Jew Georg Metz, as well as Nina Davidsen og Ivar Houlmark Andersen.

BT, a tabloid, has the Jew Erik Meier Carlsen (self declared Buddhist) is at this time one of the papers which seems to take the side of reason and the side of the Danish people on the immigration issue, but has David Jens Adler who more or less guards Jewish intrests. Sometimes less, as when he vaguely and casually suggested that DPP's Soren Krarup and Ulla Dahlerup were anti-Semites.

Mikael Rothstein Religion Sociologist
Mikael Rothstein
Mikael Rothstein

Jewish Sociologist and Historian (specialty:Religions), often consulted by TV media.

Brother Klaus Rothstein is journalist and editor at Weekend Avisen ("intellectual" newpaper).
And of course a dedicated pro multi Cult Activist.

Berlingske Tidende, traditionally a conservative paper, employs the fanatical Zionist Bent Blüdnikov as it's main editor and Jewish journalists Jakob Levinsen og Miriam Katz.

Børsen (financial newspaper) features the Jew David Bentow who is the main source of finance news for TV2.

Weekendavisen Editor in Chief Klaus (Claus) Rothstein. Rothstein should probably be understood as one of the classical extreme left wing Jews. He mingles in countless national and international multicult and anti-nationalist causes. Henrik Wivel is an editor as well. Peter Wivel is a former Editor in Chief of several major newspapers.
The Wivel family has many media members, exactly how they relate to each other I still have to find out. They are all anti-nationalist though. Klaus (Claus) Rothstein's brother Mikael Rothstein is a much used TV expert (sociologist / religious historian) who is always ready to cure people from religion and superstition, which to him means the same.

If this also applies to Judaism and Jewish Tribalism I do not know.
Like Freud, Adorno and the Jewish Bolscheviks, who all preached that religion was the basis of all evil, he might make an exception for Judaism. I'd be glad to receive a mail form Mikael that would clarify his position on this matter.

Mikael Rothstein Religion Sociologist
Erik Meier Carlsen
Buddhist - Jewish
Erik Meier Carlsen
Buddhist Jew
Cief Editor - Tabloid BT

Meier Carlsen about the latest proposal of the DPP (aug 2004):
(Sending home refugees and others where possible)

"There can be many good reasons for repatriating refugees in case the situation in their homeland has changed. That it may be more comfortable for them to live in Denmark than in their country of origin is not enough reason for them to be allowed to stay here."
(But objects to DPP trying to make it into a larger project which might involve many immigrants)
From TV interview aug-8 2004

Other Jews/Zionists who mingle in the Israel / Palestine debate or other matters related to Judaism and or multiculturalism are Mogens Rukov (claims to not be Jewish), director of the Copenhagen Film Acadamy who sends steaming red hot pro Zionist letters to newspapers, and of course gets them printed. He felt very much offended when the Jewish Hungarian Nobelprize winner(literature) Imre Kertesz was referred to in Danish newspapers as a Hungarian. According to Mogens Rukov, Imre Kertesz was certainly not a Hungarian, but a Jew, and the anti-Semitic media just didn't want to credit him as a Jew.... (It is obviously difficult to know how to satisfy the Jews for in many other cases they violently object to being referred to as Jews..).

Dan Tschernia, Jewish Zionist journalist, and film producer shows a similar behaviour, and went into a virtual tantrum when commenting on Social Democrat politician Torben Lund who called Ariel Sharon a war criminal. Of course he was given ample space; 1200 words, and who is going to say something to the contrary, when he knows they will have to do with a quarter of that space, if they are going to publish it at all.

I'd like to quote the recently anti-semitism accused Social Democrat Torben Lund:

".......when I write "the Jewish community" I mean of course those who organize themselves and take part in the debate, and it was precisely Bent Melchior and his network I among other things was thinking about.

There are similar networks in many countries, and again in the USA there are very, very strong eh, organizations. That every time eh, one criticizes Sharon get involved, and the word anti-Semite lies lurking. Sometimes it is being said, sometimes it's not being said directly.
"There are scores of people who keep silent...., I have received many letters and mails from people who agree with me, but who don't hide that they eh, that it is difficult for them if they would join the debate, because ehm, they also will be crucified for being, eh one thing and the other.... " [Anti-Semites! Upps]
Doesn't this sum it up? Mainstream politicians are now recognizing that something is dreadfully wrong...
In what kind of society are people affraid publicly to name powerful forces which play a part in politics?
This is the reason for the existence of this page.

Read the whole Torben Lund story here. If you don't care to read it all, just read the transcription of the interview with Lund and Kenneth Jacobson from the ADL. It is definitely amusing!

My congratulations to the producers of this program, who took great care not to appear biased, but still managed to expose the fanaticism of the Jews and Jewish organizations involved.
If things like this would happen more often, I would not feel the urge to make this page.
It's only here because the Media most of the time do not perform their duty of being objective and impartial.


Mogens Rubinstein
DR Finance

Steffen Jensen
TV2 Middle East

Lisbeth Davidsen

Samuel Rachlin TV2 Finance

TV2 finance
        Judging by appearences I'd take a bet on it.. Notice the ad for Børsen (The Market) in the background. The main source of finance news comes from this magazine headed by the Jew David Bentow. TV2 has been subjected by criticizm because of this fact.  

Danish revisionism and critics of Judaism; some of these sites feature English articles as well:

Dansk Selskab for Fri Historisk Forskning

Christian Lindtner's homepage

Patriot - English pages
(Ole Kreiberg)

Dronten (Knud Bjeld Eriksen)
(The Contoversy of Zion)

Samisdat - (Danish Only)
(Lars Thirslund & Marianne Herlufsdatter)

Vegtam sin side for historie (Norway)

Recent Danish victims of Jewish attacks (revisionists above ommitted):

Torben Lund Social Democrat
Soren Krarup Vicar DPP
Anne Grete Holmsgaard *
Socialist Party wrote a book "The Israel of Zionism" (Zionismens Israel). more (Jewish site!)
Anders Gadegard Vicar

Statistical information about immigration in Denmark

Other articles in English here at

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Denmark is in a somewhat unique position.

Virtually no Danish Jews were killed by the Germans during WW2, partly because of the politics of cooperation with the Germans.

Because of this the Danes probably have less of a guilt problem than people in many other European countries, and perhaps because of that, freedom of speech seems greater than in many other European countries, and opposition to immigration is no longer a taboo, the problem is acknowledged even by the Social Democrats who now support many of the anti-immigration laws that were suggested by the anti immigration Danish Peoples Party.
One remaining source of guilt is the fact that Danish authorities rejected or sent back a number of Jewish refugees to Germany before the war.

There is hardly any serious antisemitism in Denmark, except that from the side of Muslim immigrants.
All the same, there is some reservation against the Jews when they manifest themselves in organized ways.
Also it could be argued, that part of the average Danish population still holds on to some reminiscents of a healthy skepticism towards Jews (and Muslims). There is no known violence from (white) right wing groups against Jews, as far as I know. Link to report from the Jewish CRIF antisemitism monitoring center about Denmark.

In Denmark there is still a legal National Socialist party (DNSB), although it has probably less then 50 members. Until recently, this party's radio channel was partly funded by government money.

The legal status of the Danish National Socialists has not prevented the outrageous treatment by so called "anti Facist groups" of people like the German former Auschwitz employee (as an agricultural expert, not an SS officer as his enemies presented him) Thies Christoffersen, who wrote the book "I was in Auschwitz" in which he denies having seen gaschambers in Auschwitz and a lot of other controversial stuff.

Because of writing this book, he was wanted in Germany, but was granted asylum in Denmark. His home was constantly under siege by a large mob singing "songs of peace", burning torches, and the usual hypocritical bullshit. So much for freedom of expression. No doubt these were the same people who looked away at the communist atricities, hailed chairman Mao and idolized Albania and Honeckers Germany. And probable some of the same people who defy Danish law these days, and hide rejected asylum seekers from the authorities.

Not so lucky as Thies Christoffersen was the self proclaimed American "Nazi Leader" Gary Lauck who was cowardly handed over to the German authorities, although he had never done anything which was unlawful in Denmark.

I am affraid that this cowardice and opportunism is a pattern running through the behaviour of Danish authorities, past and present, which at times makes me feel quite ashamed of being a Dane. The same thing happened when historian David Irving visited this country february 2004. They would not ban him, because supposedly we have "freedom of speech". (The Media and Irvings visit. Danish only)

But they allowed left wing thugs to do their dirty work, which made it almost impossible for Irving to be here without endangering his life most of the time. The media were allowed to spread lies, calling him a "holocaust denier" which he isn't.

The Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet wrote in an article about a murder in Sweden a few years ago: "Daniel Wretström was murdered by right wing extremists." The truth being that a young Swede who looked like a skinhead was murdered by an immigrant gang just because of the way he looked. The mistake was pointed out to them from different sides, but they bluntly refused to correct it publicly. I think the name of the infamous journalist who wrote the article was Kirsten Krefelt.

No wonder the Danish National Socialists at their website mock "the democrats". The Danske Forening has not been able to have public meetings for years, and anti immigration demonstrations have to be cancelled because of the constant haressment and violence by leftwing extremists. No wonder that many young people these days, who see that law and order, and protection by the police only applies to left wing extremists, immigrants etc. have lost their faith in "so-called democracy" and join self declared totalitarian movements like the Nazi's.

It is important to remember in this context, that Denmark knows of almost no "right wing extremist violence". Political violence in this country comes almost exclusively from the extreme left, and fundamentalist Muslim organizations. Racially motivated violence against immigrants goes from extremely seldom to almost non existent.
Sadly enough this does not apply the other way around.

Also in Denmark it is still possible to criticize Judaism although, as the Torben Lund example shows, powerful forces are being mobilized whenever Judaism, Israel or the neoconservative US government are under attack.

The Myth of King Christian X

Exactly how the story of the Danish King Christian X came into the world I don't know.
He was said to have been riding on horseback through the city of Copenhagen during WWII with a yellow star of David (alike the one the Jews in Germany were forced to wear) on his chest, supposedly as a protest aginst the treatment of the Jews.

This story is absolute fiction, but I guess the Jews liked it. Many people still believe this myth. It might take longer than the stories of "Seife Marke Auschwitz" (soap from Jewish fat), "Krema Wurst" (sousage from gassed victims) and the story of "Jewish skin lampshades" before it finally will be deemed unusable by the Auschwitz Lobby.
The truth is that King Christian (who was nicknamed "Hitlers Canary" by the allies) sent Hitler postcards for his birthday....

The German occupation during WWII

The short version of the German Occupation of Denmark is, that a few symbolic shots were fired, and a small handful of soldiers were killed, before the Germans were allowed to occupy the country.
The Danish authorities were warned beforehand.
The Danish army was not disarmed, and went on with their business as usual.
The Gerries treated the Danes very well, and by agreement didn't persecute the Jews.

The leader of the Danish National Socialist Party (DNSAP) Fritz Clausen was very much opposed to the occupation, and the Germans didn't like the Danish National socialists much, and thought it to be more profitable to deal with the existing government. So they let the Danish Government rule the country with a coalition of the Social Democrats, the Radikale, Konservative, Venstre and a minor party Retsforbundet.

This government was very cooperative with the Germans, and urged unemployed Danes to work in Germany, and also urged Danes to sign up with Danish departments of the German Army, to fight the commies on the Eastern Front.

In 1943 a politician from Venstre demanded capital punishment for Danish saboteurs. After the war the poor suckers who had followed the governements orders were prosecuted and some were executed, while the government, which had given the orders, stayed in place, and no politicians were ever prosecuted.

Some Danes made great money by working for the Germans and supplying them with food and other products.
This policy of cooperation changed in 1943 when the population initiated a general strike.
The Danish police force and the army were finally disarmed and interned, and the resistance started to work with more vigour. This resulted in the Danes being regarded as belonging to the allied camp, when the war was over.

After the war great numbers of German refugees from Sovjet occupied areas were in transit in Denmark, where they were housed in camps. The Government forbade Danes to have contact with these people, and some places they were treated horribly. Many completely innocent civilians died here from lack of simple medical attention. These scandals have onlyt surfaced to the attention of the general public recently.
In October 1943 most of the Danish Jews were smuggled the few kilometers across the Oresund to Sweden.
More about the reality of this heroic deed for which Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen on behalf of the Danes received a price from a Texan Jewish Museum here: The Escape of the Danish Jews to Sweden during WW2

The Danish League - Den Danske Forening
Take good care of Denmark
Den Danske Forening Logo

Some of the present day Nationalist (anti-immigration movements) were (co) founded by people who were active in the Danish resistence against the Germans, e.g. den Danske Forening. This has not prevented the present day media and politicians from accusing them of nazism, racism and anti-Semitism up to the present day. Perhaps in an effort to escape the anti-Semitism libel, this society has started to enroll Jews as members, which as far as I can judge has brought nothing but internal disagreement, suspicion and trouble, because they brought their Zionist agenda with them.

German hegemony over Denmark in past and in the present

When I find the time I will add more information to this page, so check in once in a while.
(last edited Aug 31. 2004)

Torben Lund - Anti-Semite?
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Arne Melchior former MP Denmark - Jew
Arne Melchior
Arne Melchior (Jewish)
former traffic minister
brother of rabbi Bent Melchior (the father of Israeli MP Michael Melchior) makes a habit of accusing people of antisemitism.
Rabbi Bent Melchior is also the leader of the Danish department of B'nai B'rith, and of course a member of the World Jewish Congress.
Bent Melchior former Chief Rabbi
Bent Melchior
Bent Melchior

Former Chief Rabbi of the Jews in Denmark. President of B'nai B'rith Denmark. Father of Michael Melchior. Bent Melchior is appears often in Danish TV as a "humanist", "expert" or "wise old man". He is also an advocate of "minority rights" and immigration.
Michaek Melchior Rabbi Member of Israeli Parliament Knesset
Michael Melchior
Michael Melchior

Chief Rabbi of Norway. Member of Israels Knesset born 1954 in Denmark. Son of Bent Melchior. Is or has been a deputy foreign minister.
Party: One Israel, Labor-Meimad who want a "Jewish Israel".
Bent Lexner Chief Rabbi Denmark
Bent Lexner
Bent Lexner
Current Chief Rabbi of Denmark (Orthodox).
occupation: Butcher.

Lexner recently threatened to leave his post if children fathered by a Jew, but not born from by a Jewish woman were given Jewish status, as tradition forbids. On a website forum Lexner explained why it was an arduous process for a non Jewish born person to convert to Judaism, while anybody with a Jewish mother can receive Jewish status immediately, even if they haven't been raised in the Jewish tradition. Lexner seemed to think that Jewishness is in the genes..

!! under construction !!
Below just a little chit chat this has not (yet) been structured.

Arne Melchior, the Jewish former traffic minister, for many years was one of the most fanatic supporters of Muslim immigration to Denmark . He made great effort to defend Muslim rights in Denmark , and fought the anti-immigration Danish Peoples Party (Dansk Folkeparti) with great zeal.

He was expelled from the very pro Jews/Israel/immigration/"human rights" party Centrum Demokraterne (CD) because of his support for Israel's use of torture and the Israeli ambassador in Denmark Carmi Gillon, who supposedly had practiced torture against Palestinian prisoners himself.

This party is now on the edge of extinction, probably because of a rise in more realistic views of the devastating impact of Muslim mass immigration on Danish society, not in the least for Jews and the state of Israel .

The only ethnic group which is under consequent attack from Mr. Melchior are native Danes.
Now the anti-immigration Danish Peoples Party is the number one pro Jewish party, and supports Israel, the multicultural propagandist USA and the Iraq war.

As a protest to (mainly left wing) voices demanding boycott of Israeli products, the party served Israeli wine, fruits and other products at their annual meeting.


History of Jewry in Scandinavia

A historic study by the Islandic author Snorri G. Bergsson

The Aryan Cradle,
Iceland and the "Jewish Question" - The Jews and the North

Too many Jews in Scandinavia?
An American Jew criticizes Scandinavian Jews for being too picky about who is Jewish enough..

Institute for Jewish Policy Research and American Jewish Committee
Report on racism and anti-Semitism in Denmark.
Beside the usual accusations and inaccuracies this website contains some useful information about different countries and their fight against forced multiculturalism. These pages have last been updated about year 2000

Read reports about:
Fishy thing about this site is that it has material on most countries of the world, except .....?
Yes, you guessed right!

Kevin MacDonald - The Culture of Critique
The Culture of Critique
An Evolutionary Analysis of Jewish Involvement in Twentieth-Century Intellectual and Political Movements

Read review by Henry Makow

Other newslinks about Danish politics:

Danish People's Party: more influence, more controversy by Liz Fekete.

Note the author's name; Liz Fekete*. Fekete is a Eastern European Jewish name.

Coincidence? No, the Jews are on duty everywhere in anti-nationalist, multiculture, 'rites but not for wites' business.

Claude Kahn of the Roma Rights Center,

Jean Kahn founder of the infamous EUMC in Vienna (now dead)

Richard Goldstone - The International Warcrimes Tribunal in The Hague

Look everywhere, and see them standing in the front line, as they did during the Bolshevik Revolution.

* Liz Fekete distortions:

I just found another distorting article by Liz Fekete, which demonstrates clearly how these people work.

Courts round-up (source)
By Liz Fekete
1 April 2001
Nazi sentenced for attack on anti-racists.
A Nazi from Roskilde, Jonni Hansen, was given an eighteen-month prison sentence for injuring three anti-racists when he deliberately drove his car at them in the autumn of 1999.

End of Article

Yes Liz Fekete is telling the truth!

What she is not telling, is that a large crowd of leftwing activists (20-30) were halfway through cutting down the protective wooden fence around the Nazi leaders house with a chainsaw when he arrived at his home. No wonder he went a litle crazy, wouldn't you?

As far as I know the Danish Nazi's (DNSB) are otherwise law abiding citizens and have no reputation for violence whatsoever.

The wooden fence around the Nazi leaders house had proved to be necessary because of previous attacks by left wing extremists.

Would it be "Anti-Semitic" to categorize this article under the category "Jewish lies"?

(Upps does not have any connection to Nazies, nor do we subscibe to their joyless philosophy.)

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Danish Politics, Media, Jews & Immigration (you are here!)

Finnish Politics, Media, Jews & Immigration

Jewish Media Influence in Scandinavia

Danish EU Politician Torben Lund against World Jewry

German Christian Democrat - Martin Hohmann: Anti-Semitic Speech

Winston Churchill about the role of the Jews in the Bolshevist Revolution

Auschwitz Numbers Death toll estimates through the years

Schindlers List Hoax (Book Covers)

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bout Scandinavia, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, immigration, politics, jewish influence on society. Circumcision, Circumcizion, No zionist circumsision or Circumsision, Not Circumcised please. Circumzised, circumsized. Most Americans don't know much about Scandinavia else then they are supposed to have beautiful blond women and a viking heritage. The difference between, Denmark, Norway, Sweden Finland or Iceland is completely unknown. Scandinavians are very different from eachother though, and so are their politics. The Danes are special, and different from Swedes and Norwegian where it concerns immigration, in that Denmark is one of the most free and open societies across all of europe. Immigration, muslims, Islam the problems are being debated more openly than in any other country in all of Europe. Scandinavia is not just "danish", Swedish blondes or viking ships or Hans Christian Andersen. Scandinavian politics differ greatly from each other as do the numbers of immigrants. Sweden is very uptight and has the largest foreign population, mainly muslims, moslims as wel as most Nazi and skinhead violence and the problems here are enourmous but can not be discussed openly. Denmark is the country in Scandinavia where their is less of a lid on the debate, and the immigration problem is trying to be dealt with. In all of scandinavia Denmark is the country with the least right wing violence, actually virtually nothing at all. The danish Nazi party DNSB Danish National Socialist Party does not manifest itself in the violent ways as seen in Gernmany and Sweden. Because the debate is more open. But like everywere in the world in Scandinavian countries the influence of jews, organized, organised or not organized jewish influence is great and although it is not against the law, nor is holocaust denial it is quite a taboo, though it is possibel under the right conditions. The Israeli atrocities against the people of Palestine have brougt the Jewish question to the forefront of attention again, and have made it more legal to critizise Judaism and Jewry. The jew is attacking as well though. In Sweden and Norway Kosher ritual slaughter Scheckting as well as halal slaughter is forbidden but in Denmark it is still allowed, as is the child molesting practice of circumcizion, curcumcision, circumsicion no it is called circumcision. In Scandinavia the fight against the dominance of jews as well as muslims going on as it is in the rest of the world. Armagheddon seems to be approaching. Christian Zionism (Kristen Zionisme) is everywere, are the nuclear warheads stashed in Israel ready to be fired, are jewish gravestones being molested by jews, to get the pity and attention of the world to which they have accustomed themselves? Is Judaism, the Talmudic teaching of jewish superiority making it's final stand against the aryan barbarian, and who is going to win this battle of good and evil, of the satanism of the talmud, of the bloodstained hidden history of the jews of gods chosen people? Scandinavia is the home of the aryan, and so is Denmark. The jews can live here in peace but they shall not try to live as masters, or they will meet more opposition than they ever reckoned they would. For we have not forgotten the teachins of Jesus Christ, nor have we forgotten the warnings of our forefathers, Ultima Thule, the vikings drinking blood from the sculls of their slain enemies antisemitism, anti-semitism anti semitism is our birthright, for our people shall live, not as slaves of the old testament talmudic vengeful god Jahve, but as the free people of Odin and Thor. Circumcision, Circumcizion, No zionist circumsision or Circumsision, Not Circumcised, Circumzised, circumsized Free the spirit of Scandinavia! Skoll!

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